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Australian Homeowners Save $1,000s From Solar Panel and Battery Technology Rebate

Did you know that you can save $1,000s by converting to solar power? Government backed financial incentives are making installation affordable to all Australian homeowners and is a great long term investment. Many Australians have already taken advantage so why not start saving today?

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How It Works

Until recently installing solar panels would cost $1,000’s of dollars to install without any government assistance, however thanks to the rebate obtaining solar panels has never been easier.

Don’t worry everything is managed by the solar installer who applies the rebate discount directly to your quote so you know exactly how much you are saving.

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Can I Have Solar?

If you can answer yes to any of the below then getting solar panels is a great idea.

  • Are you a home owner?
  • Are you looking to save $1,000’s of dollar a year on your power bill?
  • Do you want to install solar panels for a fraction of the price?
  • Are you looking to rely less on your electricity supplier?

If you answered YES to any of the above then why not see if you qualify today

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Can I Really Save $1,000’s of Dollars?

The answer is yes, you will be saving both on the installation cost and also the ongoing electricity costs year after year making solar panels more attractive than ever.

You need to act quickly as if you wait too long then you could miss out on the rebate and the potential savings of $1,000’s of dollars before the rebate ends.

How Can I Get a Quote?

  • Step 1 – Click your location on the map below to see if you qualify to save $1,000’s
  • Step 2 – Answer a few simple qualifying questions and find out how much you could save.

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